Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tis the season for.....


This past saturday was opening day rifle season and of course my husband called me at 8:30 am to tell me he killed a "BIG DEER". Of course i was thinkin okay prob a small 6 point, no he was much bigger than that. 12 POINT! and weighed out at 130lbs. the biggest deer michael has ever killed. He was so proud and printed a pic off the computer to show off to everyone. We are happy that his dad said he would pay to have it mounted so we will get it back in march and our meat will be ready in a few weeks. I am thankful that this year he has been taking all the deer to the processing place instead of cleaning it at is too much of a mess. But this deer had been in the rut so he stunk from peeing all over himself.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Finally the day came!

After months and months of waiting i finally went and seen New Moon last night...twice! It was awesome just as i expected it to be. And i have to say Taylor Lautner is HOT! for a boy that is only 17. Now just to count down till June 10, 2010. New Moon followed the book quit a bit. I am not giving anymore details so you will have to see it your self!

Saturday, November 07, 2009


We have been MIA for the last few months busy running around, work and school. So here's a few pictures from halloween. I also changed the email address on my blog and forgot what i changed it to. So we found it and we should be updating everyday again.

This is my ninja warrior

My princess

The whole gang

and me and miss k...i went as a cancer sucks fire/rescue football player

Monday, August 31, 2009

Who Says Girls Can't Do It?

This weekend I took a Auto Extrication class. And yes i was the only girl, which when you think about it is kind of scary because them guys don't think you can do it. But i spent 6 hours in full bunker gear, which we did get to take breaks but we had to keep our helmets and pants on. The class was alot of fun. i took it because i want to know what is going on when i am taking care of the patient.
these are just a few of the 200+ pictures a friend took for me.

That is me holding the jaws, i just got done cutting the car door off. Michael is the one in front of me holding the cords

Michael is on the left behind the guy holding jaws

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Long time no see!

It seems like i haven't blogged in a life time. I have been meaning to blog but things have just been so hectic with work and kids and home life. I am afraid i am addicted to facebook thats for sure. I forget everyday to read all my blogs i follow, it just seems like i never have the time lately.
i also have been doing some redecorating around the house too, i will definitly have to post pictures when i am done, right now i am working on my bedroom.

Bryers first day of kindergarden was thursday. The picture above is him in the car, we were running late so i took a quick snap of him in the car.
Well gotta run hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY!

These were the zoo animals i took with me. We got there about 9:30 and stayed till about 3. It was a very long day with lots of walking.

We went and saw the elefphant demonstration. The other one that was there could make different noises on command. The one shown in the pic is Gunda, she is 59 human years old. They say she is in very good shape for being as old as she is.

My munchkins

These Rhinos were enjoying our nice cool July day

I just love this pic of this little turtle, he must love takin pictures cause it was like he would just pose for me.

The 2 little elefphants on the left hand side were visiting from another zoo, they are hoping that when they leave they will leave with 2 pregnant elefphants. The one on the right, Sneezy is 12,000 lbs male. He is huge!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Fourth of July Fun

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Job update and request!

It feels like i have not blogged in awhile but i have been readin up on everyone elses.
I have started my new job on the ambulance and have got to go on several calls. Last week i worked 60 hours and can you believe that i only did that in 4 days. Thats not that bad at all especially if it is something you love to do. We have had some slow times, so i get to catch up on blogs, facebook, and myspace and all my twilight sites i read. It seems like i have been goin and going constantly since i started back working. i love bein a working mom again. It really makes me feel good, i don't feel like i am stuck in the house all the time. The cool thing is hubby and the kids can come to work with me anytime and hang out they can even stay the night with me when i am workin night shift. It was scary my first call bein by myself in the back but it was like it all came back to me. Although i don't like all the paper work i have just like workin in the doctors office.

Well i have decided to start doing a little revampin to my house, especially my bedroom. i have went through the last couple of days and cleaned out all the clutter and furniture that was unnessary in there. Changed the bedding to brown and tan zebra print which looks great and got new curtains. I am trying to put some romance back in there. making it like our own little retreat where only we are allowed to be in there. and so far it feels all the same. sometimes i feel that there is just somethin missing, i don't know how to explain it though but i am sure it will get better.
My friend Jana had her baby on saturday. Last summer she had a little girl at 20 some weeks and lost her. She is 41 years old and has been trying forever to have a baby and has had no luck. She has a beautiful baby boy name Jackson. I am so happy for her cause she deserved it. So please pray her and her family that everything goes well for them.
My second request is about my father in law. Remember back in Febuary i told you he had a heart attack and all that, well now he has just taken a turn for the worse. He can't be left by himself and needs 24 hour care. He only 15% of his heart left and has to be on oxygen all the time. Well it looks like we will be putting him in a nursing home within a few days maybe if his social security will pay for it. It cost like $134 A DAY yes thats right i said a day! I know it will all work out. We thought about moving him into the house but with 2 kids i just don't think we will be able to handle it. I have faith that it will all work out.
Can you believe that it will be the fourth of july already. This year i am not playing softball, we have been playing church league softball all summer everyweek so we decided not to play this year. Plus last thursday at one our games i was running to second base and some reason fell on my left knee. I should have went to the doctor but didn't. I blacked out so all i remember is falling and then next thing i know it is hubby was picking me up and i was in tears. It hurts to bend my knee and i can't lean on that knee at all and it is bruised and swollen still alittle. It really hurts trying to get in and out of the ambulance. I hope everyone has a great 4th. Hopefully this weekend i will get a battery for my camera so i can take pics this saturday.

Have a great Holiday Everyone!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Calling all twilight lovers!!!!

Here is the new book cover for New Moon....i don't think jacob should holding her although this is all about him and bella. Edward is still my fave.
I also heard that the new soundtrack will be coming out October 16, 2009. I can't wait to here what songs are on this one. I LOVE twilights soundtrack.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

I just wanted to say happy fathers day to all the fathers out there. We had hubbys dinner last night. i accidently fell asleep while they were doing all the grill stuff(hey i told him he should have woke me up). So i feel really bad considering he would not sleep in the bed last night and i have yet to talk to him today since i am sitting at work. Oh by the way i got my job. I started friday. My shift will be a 36 hour shift so i will only be paying a babysitter for 2 days and still have all week to spend with my family. Hopefully i will get in some more hours. I got a laptop yesterday so i could sit on the internet at work when i had nothing to do. Well hopefully hubby won't be too mad at me when i get home tonight. Today i am just working a 12 hour shift, which has been going by really really slow. So thanks for all the prayers for me to get my job.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I have alot of cop friends but this is out of control!

Have any of you watched this yet? This is craziness.

Keep me in your prayers!

I went for my first job interview in over a year with a small fire and ambulance service about 45 minuates away. It went very well for the most part, i decided to ride with them tommarrow just a 12 hour shift. Which hopefully will be busey. They average 200-250 calls a year and the majority of them are trauma and cardiac (ughh!!!). Since they are just a BLS unit compared to riding with a ALS unit every week, i will the medic in charge in the back doing everything. Which really really freaks me out! What happens if i freeze on my first cardiac arrest and i am in the back by myself!! Everybody tells me that i will do great and it will all come to me when i am in that moment. I always wanted to be the one in charge doing it all but when you come to that point it gets really scary cause if you do one thing wrong you could kill that person or hurt them at the least and then there goes your license. But i have to put more confidence in myself. Its just like when i started working in a doc office and the first time i was the nurse by myself no one there to guide me doing it all, it was scary but it just came to me like i was a natural lol. So hopefully i will know something next week, i am excited and ready to go be on the ambulance paid.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Yes...its true....

I can not lie...i am in love with him lol. I feel like 15 again...the latest boyband fad....
I have read ALL 4 Twilight Saga books and even went and bought the movie+soundtrack!
I told my hubby that if this wickedly gorgous man was to ever ask me to marry me i could not say no lol! like that will ever happen:)

Everybody laughs at me at how big of a twilight fan i have become and it is sooo stinkin funny cause i have not been this into something in a long time. i read all the books in 3 days (they were all at least 600 pages long and the last one was 800). I can't wait till the second movie comes out, we are going to see it the day it comes out.

Somewhere you can get a twilight braclet online but i have yet to figure out where it is, if anyone knows please let me know!

But ohhh for now i can only dream...and keep watching the movie over and over until i have it memorized

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I have been tagged

I have been tagged by my sister in law, i am supposed to list 8 things of each.

1. my craft show this weekend
2. cleaning my house(did i really say that)
3. reading my good book
4. praying everyday
5. getting the kids room all done
6. getting a job on the ambulance soon
7. taking a shower that is not at 1am
8. spending time with my family

3. go to hasting a buy the book new moon
4. eat and pick the house up alittle
5. read

1. have a maid come in and clean my hole house for me and do my laundry
2. quit drinking pop
3. get all my craft show stuff done
4. mow my yard more
5. go shopping everday,
I really can't think of anything else for that

Shows i watch
2. hanna montana
3. dora
4. fairy odd parents
5. degio
7. every once and a while i get to watch roseanne, i have it recorded everyday so when i get time.
8. Jon and Kate +8, the hills and greys anatomy, mind all of you i record them all so i either get to watch them after everyone has went to bed or a couple weeks down the road.

Well i think i will tag mmmm......The Ermis party

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

My new cd

Yep, i ordered it online at on monday and got it this morning. i am sure i will have it memorized by the end of the day.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

my new fave singer

okay this was like the only good video i could find of her singing this song! i know what the heck, i found the music video on aol but not on youtube, oh well enjoy! if anybody knows where i can buy this cd please let me know cause i have searched!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Its been forever

I have not blogged in a week and half. I have been soo completly busy with all this craft show stuff, i am in under my head (i think thats how they say it). If i am not at home working on items then we are at baseball/softball(yes i said softball me and michael are on the church team)/ridin the ambulance/or sleeping.
Our memorial day weekend was great! We sat around the pool and I sun bathed as the kids played. Everyday i have had friends children which is not any different than usual. I actually have not tanned i a tanning bed all year yet, i figured this year i will do it naturally with the sun. Although i have gotten very dark in the last week. Monday i went to my grandpa's side of the family reunion. Which was nice because i had never met any of them except my Great Aunt and Uncle. My cousin is a retired lawyer lives out on one of Oklahomas biggest and nicest lakes. He has a small yaht. So we went crusin the lake. Kennedy absolutly loved it. She loves the water anyway. Pictures to come soon, i am having camera issues.

Anyways....Did anyone watch Jon and Kate +8 Monday? Well i did today, i recorded and finally got to watch it today(i hardly ever watch tv only on monday nights when THE HILLS are on). I really feel bad for Kate. I know that must be hard having multiples and the divorce rate and then your whole marriage is in the tablods. She is kind of mean to Jon though.
I am looking forward to next weeks episode. And then next Monday night is the season final of THE HILLS, Lauren is leaving the show. I have watched it since it was Laguna Beach. I am a big Lauren Conrad fan.

Well i hope everyone had a great memorial day weekend.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

They are out!!!!

Yeah they are out but guess what? THEY STOLE ALL MY MONEY!!!!!!! YES I SAID STOLE ALL MY MONEY. i am so sooo soo mad right now, especially at myself for letting them do this to me. i should have listened to everyone when they said to make them leave. but i am such a nice person i tried helping. i will be damn if i ever do it again(excuse my language dana lol!) but what the heck, i keep asking myself why why did they do that. i have cried, thought of doing mean things to them but that is the old me. and as my son says "you don't trust in god if you do mean things". and that is right, it WILL come back to them and they WILL pay for it, not from me but from the big man upstairs. They stole money from me last week and stole from bryer and stole from my daughter. i am done, and i know it sounds mean very mean, but as long as i live i don't think i can ever talk to them and forgive them. you should always forgive and forget but some times it is just to dang hard. I know everything will work out till next payday, it always does. and what happens to you just makes you stronger of a person and you learn from your mistakes. I will just keep praying like i have done all day, i know i have yelled at god and i shouldn't but i guess sometimes i just think why why did it happen to me, i am a good person. and it is not gods fault, he doesn't make them do that. So i did ask for forgiveness. But i have calmed down now and going to start cleaning for our family cookout tommarrow.
thanks for listening yall

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Baseball Game

These boys look pretty happy after loosing a game. We have alot of the younger kids on our Coach pitch team this year

he gets very serious when he goes up to bat,
he has done so much better since he is not in t-ball

Say A Prayer for the Freeman Family

"And God will wipe away every tear from there eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed" Revelation 21:4

May the Freemans find peace in this time of grief, i could not imagine how hard it would be to loose a child and to have to go through what they went through the last 11 months. But God puts you through this for a reason, and you might not know what it is just yet but you find out. And at times when your going through something that is really hard on you and your family you ask him why why are you doing this? Well everything makes you a better person.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Happy mothers day to all you mothers out there. Make sure you guys don't do anything today, soak up this day its for you.

Friday, May 08, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Fridays-Living Room Edition

have you ever checked out Kelly,
well she is having a home tour, so i thought i would join in. make sure you go check out her blog

this is looking in from my hall way, i have a ugly looking tv stang and then a shelf next to it, we bought our tv last year when we bought our house and just never have had the money to get a stand.
Our furniture is the kind that you can spill stuff on it and it cleans up great, keeps the stains away. as you can tell i don't have that much decor. i like to go to yard sales and find stuff instead of having to spend tons of money at department stores. my rug i got from kmart, it was my mothers day present to myself!

i love this little cabnit, its great to hold blankets and games that kennedy can play with, i love the old antique look.

this is looking in from my dining room, on each side of the big window i have a collage frame for each of the kids, when i repainted the living room and hall way i said i wasn't going to put curtains up just the blinds, but i think i am going to get some fabric and make some light colored tan maybe floral type of curtains, something that will make the window stand out.
i absolutly love this food placemat for dogs, i bought it at petsmart

my new sweet edition to our family, our maltese name Maddie, she was rescued from a puppy mill that was horrible to her, when the family i got her from brought her home she could barely walk.

i bought this thing at kmart and took all the pictures that is in it, i still need to add a bunch

my little wall mural of my man

this is our hallway, i have all of kennedys toys in it because having an extra dresser in her bedroom along with a toddler bed plus a full size bed, there is barely any room. her room was crammed full of toys and i got them down to just a few bins

Love this lamp? I bought it at a yard sale for $2!!!

this is our messy area, sorry for the bright jacket, i took these pictures this morning after i went on a call.

my hubbys hole, he absolutly loves this chair, it is like the size of a love seat, as you can see my little shelf to the left is bare, i really just don't know what to put on it

if you don't have a potato box, you odd to get one they are so great, i bought my at a yard sale for just $5. can you tell i love to garage sale

Since i forgot about the home tour last week i thought i would throw in a few pictures of my kitchen.

2 of my fave little ones, i have this sweet picture hanging on my fridge

my china cabnit that was my grandparents with all my different collectiables

looking into the dining room from the kitchen

this is one view of my kitchen, it is very small

i love the color, this is one of the only rooms we did not repaint, on top of my cabnits it have baskets with fake vine, it looks so pretty

if you guys have any ideas for me please let me know, i know the paint is really dark, but we had painted it a tan color and it got so dirty it looked horrible, i love this deep brown, it really makes it feel warm i just need to put alittle color in it