Saturday, August 15, 2009

Long time no see!

It seems like i haven't blogged in a life time. I have been meaning to blog but things have just been so hectic with work and kids and home life. I am afraid i am addicted to facebook thats for sure. I forget everyday to read all my blogs i follow, it just seems like i never have the time lately.
i also have been doing some redecorating around the house too, i will definitly have to post pictures when i am done, right now i am working on my bedroom.

Bryers first day of kindergarden was thursday. The picture above is him in the car, we were running late so i took a quick snap of him in the car.
Well gotta run hope you all have a great weekend!


The Burk Family said...

Awww.. Bryer! I love that grin!

I've been planning on painting all the bedrooms for a year now! Hopefully I can get that done soon! We need to go shopping together for supplies! :)