Thursday, March 26, 2009


What a great game it was. Fire/rescue did not win 9-12 still was a great game. it was so close. These are just a few pics that i took. i didn't want to put them all on there cause that would make it a long post.

the guy on the far left is the founder of the game. started it 3 years ago
fire and rescue lined up for national anthem

lawdogz lined up

flippin the coin

well hopefully next year we will win.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


please get down on your knees and pray for dear sweet stellan

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Day at the park

Today we went to a great park in a nearby town and had a picnic and played

We had so much fun, i took a day off of spring cleaning because it was such a beautiful 80 degree weather.
hope you all have a great day

Monday, March 16, 2009

My 100th Post

Wow i can not believe it, this is my 100th post. i want to do some kind of giveaway but i don't know yet, so stay tuned to find out

Today starts off my spring cleaning. My goals are
1.pick front and back yard up
2. clean and vacum car out
3.finish painting and hang up decor(post pictures)
4.deep clean kitchen, cabnits drawers etc...
5.organize and clean laundry room
6.clean out all closets
7.clean all the bedrooms
8. deep clean bathroom, cabnits etc....
9.organize all craft stuff
10.clean oven
11.plant flowers in front
12.file all important papers
13.clean garage

well i already have accomplised 1 and 2 today so thats a start.
It is such a beautiful day to be working outside. and so many grassfires again, i was going to burn some limbs that have fell down in our yard but since they are out on fires i figured i better not, plus hubby said we better wait.
I am hoping to go the park tommarrow since bryer is out on spring break maybe even take a trip down to arkansas and put some flowers on my dads grave.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My last big test tonight

Well tonights the night i go and take my national registry. i am so nervous, i have been studying as much as i can. I just keep thinking to myself i am going to pass it, i know i will. so please keep me in your prayers tonight

Dressing in the Recession Era

kelly over at posted yesterday about how to dress for cheap. so i thought i would do a post to. i absoultly love clothes and shoes, and love to shop. The bad thing is my daughter is addicted to shoes too. When i shop i try to stay cheap as much as i can (1) because there is only one of us working (2) i love to spend money on clothes not only for myself but love to buy clothes for my kids.
One place i buy my clothes at is American Eagle, and i usually go online to find the things i like. You can find jeans like the real flare and orginal 77 jeans for just $19.95. You can also find tops for just $10
Another place i love to go is walmart. although i do not like there jeans because they don't fit right on me i do like several of there shirts. I love to dress in dark colors like dark blue, black and gray. i have always been that way although i am not gothic. i love to dress different but also be concervative because i am a mother of two.
Now when i go to buy clothes for the kids, walmart-gap kids-oldnavy is the places to go. When i went to buy my son school clothes for the year i went to oldnavy and corral west (he likes tight jean-wranglers) and spent $100 dollars and got 2 pairs of jeans at oldnavy and 2 pairs of wranglers at corral west. 5 tshirts and 2 sweatshirts at oldnavy which were all on clearance and a pair of vans shoes at shoe carnival all which i remind you were under $100 total.
I shop clearance racks heavy and i also love to go to consignment shops like goodwill. If you have the time, you can go through each of them racks and find you some nice stuff and some stuff is 50% off.
Now when i go looking for stuff for my daughter i love to go to walmart. they have such cute stuff for little girls. my daughter is so small and doesn't grow very fast so most of the stuff she wore the year before she can wear again the next summer/fall season. Recently i started getting on ebay after going through her stuff and realized she has hit a small growth spirt. I ordered 11 pieces of the summer clothing for $1.99 with like $5 shipping and handling. If you go through there you can find all sorts of stuff like that.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Serious life magizine

if you have not went and signed up for your free subscription do it now, this is a great magizine full of faith" target="_blank">" alt="Serious.Life Magazine" width="200" height="259" border="0" align="right" longdesc="" />

Monday, March 09, 2009


It has seemed like forever since i have blogged last. I have had some site issues but finally got them fixed tonight. I have been working on several projects like painting my house and redecorating, i will show all the pics when i am done completly. I got a new camera so i had to show off some pics i took of my friends and hubby on a grassfire yesterday.

That is my hubby and no he is not wearing a helmet, i swear i don't know what they taught him in FF1

Here he is again. That guy hanging his head out the window is chad, he is the newest member and me and him took our emt together

This is TJ, me and him went to school together

Saturday night we went out for my SIL bday, this is etta my best friend from high school

michael and his step brother, i don't know what happened to the picture of my SIL (step)

Prayer Request!!!
I take my national registry thursday evening and i am so nervous. I have been trying to study but you know how that can go with two wild ones. Pray that i pass that thing and not have to take it again