Saturday, December 06, 2008

Hello Everybody

sorry for not blogging for so long, it has been a kinda sad last few weeks, november 18th i lost my job. they told me that they did not want me to come back, which i was devastated because nobody had told me anything and was never written up. but the good thing is i am now a stay at home mom and i get to spend all my time with my kids and husband. me and him have been having some rough times in our relationship but we are working through it all. i am getting my unemployement (well still waiting the hospital has not approved it yet). then i decided it is a good way to try to launch my little business i started and finish school. the only thing is that i really wish they could have just fired me after christmas but i guess thats what happens in life.
i did my last emt clinical for the hospital and now i just have to go ride the ambulance for 2 days. i probably will not be writing a whole lot on here but i will check in as much as possible and update you
hope you all had a great thanksgiving and if i don't talk before christmas hope you have a great christmas