Wednesday, August 27, 2008

This will make you cry....

I love to search and look at other peoples blogs, and read about there lives. Well about a couple months ago i came across Bring the rain. This lady is a true woman of god, and what she has gone through is so amazing. Reading her site i discovered another site. If you have a chance read them, it will make you cry.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Weekend With Papa....

K. eating her favorite breakfast food, cheerios.

This weekend we spent at papa's house, while daddy worked on their bathroom. She loves to go over there, she is a big helper.

Isn't she beautiful!!

She does a good job posing for photos. I love photography, so i just go out taking pictures of the kids and do my own thing with them.
I started my EMT-B last night and it was great. Although it was kind of overwhelming at first and i was so tired coming home at 11pm it will all be worth it in the end. (i went through nursing so this really shouldn't be anything lol)
take care...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Great News

We got some pretty good news yesterday, the doc said that he is having spasms in his spencter which when it happens sends a very painful feeling.
So he just has to take medicine everyday. Which is great no more surgery right now. Our prayer was answered thank you...
We are very excited this weekend we are going with to several events this weekend.
We have alot of fun volunteering with them, going to tulsa talons games, tackle the cure(which michael played in). With loosing a best friend to cancer and a dad we really like to help out others that are going through the same thing. Our great friend Steve was the founder of Tackle The Cure (fire/ems vs Police) which was a awsome game (go fire!!!!).
So monday i will have lots of pictures of this weekend.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Problems Occuring Again.....

Today Bryer is going to the urologist AGAIN today.
To let you know on the story ill start from the begining in may.
Bryer one weekend started having to go to the bathroom alot. We could not drive a mile down the road without him having to go to bathroom.
We took him to the doctor and they tested his urine and it was all normal except he had protein and blood in it.
Well they sent us to the urologist the next day. The next week he had surgery.
They removed scar tissue that was in his urethra. Everything else looked fine.
His problems went away for the last couple of months and suddenly they are back.
So hopefully the doc will find out what is going on with this poor little boy.
It breaks my heart when he starts screaming bloody murder because he hurts down there.
So please keep him in your prayers that they will find out what is wrong with him and heal him.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Some days I sit around and think alot, and when i do it does not always turn out good.
In may on the day i graduated college, M's best friend TJ died of cancer. He was one of the best friends we ever had. I miss him so much and so does M. When we are all out with friends and I often tell M that you know i wish TJ was here, he would really love this. Especially when we got to go to the Tulsa Talons football game and go down on the field with the players, he would have loved it. We really missed him 4th of july, every year we always would go over there and shoot fireworks and cook out. And man i really miss the fishin the 4 of us would do. But in the end i think he is in such a better place, no more chemo or lots of medicine that is gonna make him sick.

I was on the internet and found this peom...

Seventh Of December
by William Bough
The house is full, but empty and cold,He died today, not very old,
The family gathered, sat by the bed,Soothed the moans, stroked his head.
Didn’t drink, nor did he smoke,Dying of cancer, ironic, sick joke,
As the time drew near, he wasn’t there,The ones ‘round the bed, left to care.
Breathing labored, struggling, long,Small and weak, when once was so strong,
A life helping others, answering the call,
And a lump in the gut puts an end to it all.
He draws one last breath, now lying still,
Disbelief ‘round the bed, all eyes start to fill,Silence,
despair, empty looks, then a cry,Knew he was ill, can’t believe he would die.Although he is gone, he is still here,Feel his presence in moments of fear,Strong but gentle, sometimes strict, always kind,If I follow the example,
I know he won’t mind,For he was a good man, with heart of gold,
But he died today, not very old.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Today was Bryers first day of Pre-K. My how time flies. It seems like yesterday he was just being born.
It amazes me how much he has grown, he has matured so much in the last few months. Everybody thinks that he is at least a 6 or 7 year old.
Tommy went in with me and Bryer to his room. Sometimes i wish my dad was here to see but i know that he was watching.
I have some great news.....I will be going back to school starting on monday, i will be doing my EMT Basic class out at the tech center. I applied for a scholarship to pay half but when i called they said that they are going to pay the full amount of $755, I was so happy. I know that Tommy Joe was really watching over me on that.


Happy Hills church invited the Fire Department out again for a big bonfire and the guys ended up gettin out there hose and spraying the kids.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sorry for not posting

Sorry for not posting for so long it has been a busy last couple of weeks. The kids were sick this weekend. and with it raining all weekend they had to stay inside.
We did get a new 2 foot pool friday thanks to samantha, and they got to play in it a little on friday.